, based in Montreal, is a full service interior design firm: our specialty lies in the creation and execution of city and country properties with a highly efficient and organized team of architects, contractors, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and window dressers.

We pride ourselves on incorporating the aesthetic and budgetary needs of our clients into the planned proposal of the project and on adhering to these needs in the final phase of the project.

Tuesday, April 19


A design  picture is not worth a thousand words, for as in life, the attraction of the image is a reflection of what we seek, and a confirmation of a point of view: a client chooses the image as an example of what he or she wants, and the designer looks at that chosen  image as an example of  what he or she does not want. An isolated image of a room has no context, for  it floats around a subtext of a point of view, in itself subjective and confining.  However, when the designer chooses an image, that image has a context: it works as an example of what could be when boundaries are pushed and new vistas are explored.

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